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Bicycle ride on Xi'an City Wall

Enjoy the best views of Xi’an

Prix : 20 EUR

Votre guide visitera avec vous l'ancienne muraille de Xi'an, où vous pourrez profiter de la belle vue de cette ville traditionnelle tout en faisant du vélo. Durée : environ 2 heures Minimum : 4 participants Comprend : Entrée de l'ancienne muraille de la ville, frais de location de vélo.

Jour 1 • Take a ride on one of the best preserved Chinese city walls

Tour à vélo sur la muraille de la ville

Enjoy the best views of Xi'an on a 2 hours bicycle ride tour. Built in the 14th century as a military defense system, the Xi’an city wall was restored on several occasions over the centuries, and is nowadays one of the best preserved in China. The wall encloses an area of about 14 square kilometers (5.4 sq mi), and offer great views. Bicycling the wall is therefore an excellent way to enjoy a relaxed tour above the city.


  1. Minimum: 4 participants
  2. Included: Entrance to the ancient city wall, bicycle rental fee

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